About Superior Specialties


Superior Specialties is dedicated to providing our customers with top quality products and exceptional service. Our ability to deliver this commitment is a result of several factors:


Superior Specialties has been producing Seamless Background Papers for the photographic and display industries for over 50 years.


Superior has established a standard of quality which has allowed us to become the leading seamless paper supplier throughout the world.


We have built a reputation in the industry for providing a service level unmatched by other background suppliers. Superior Specialties sells to photographic distributors and wholesalers who sell to end-users, both commercial and amateur photographers. Centered in the heart of the paper-making industry, Superior Specialties has the advantage of shipping promptly with shorter transit times, less damage, and lower costs. Any and all claims that may be necessary are handled by our competent traffic team and are not the burden of our customers.


Our biggest asset is our people. Superior Specialties is comprised of a team of experienced people who are dedicated, friendly and sincerely care a great deal about the customer. In turn, we are committed to providing our people with an enjoyable, gratifying work environment.

We invite you to contact our sales team to discuss how Superior Specialties can assist you improving your service level and profitability from backgrounds and other photo-related items. You’ll discover what many people in the photo community have already discovered—Superior Specialties truly is superior!